Memory foam mattresses have certain downsides to them as well as it a fundamental fact that anything having advantages will also possess certain disadvantages.

Out of them some of the disadvantages are:

They retain the body heat when a person starts using it and after some time it might become uncomfortable for you to use it due to the excess heat produced.

In the winter season it is alright but in the summer season, it might result in a scenario of discomfort to the user. Another disadvantage of using a memory foam mattress is that when you purchase a new memory foam mattress it produces an odd smell due to the phenomenon of gassing.

This might be uncomfortable for many people out there because how can you keep using something that produces some weird smell. So this is quite a big downside to using a memory foam mattress. Another quite big disadvantage of using a memory foam mattress is that they are not suitable for infants.

This is because memory foam mattress releases carbon dioxide for a certain period of time once you purchase it.

Upon exposing infants to that carbon dioxide it increases their chance of trapping the carbon-dioxide and this increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome because infants have a very delicate breathing mechanism. So simply keeps infants away from memory foam mattresses for a tension free life.