How To Measure A Storm Door?

When it comes to adding protection to our houses, we always take an extra step. Especially when it is about the entry points, we are careful for they are the most vulnerable areas of the house. One such protection against unexpected storms and weather changes is the storm door.

What is a storm door?

A storm door is like a second door that is installed in front of the main, opaque door to protect the house from weather changes and also give enough space for ventilation. These doors have interchangeable or removable glasses/screen panels that are available in many sizes and also of different materials. In the summer season, it especially helps in providing proper ventilation without letting any insect or anything in as one can have the storm door closed but the main door open to let the breeze in.

Now, since we know it is like a second door and also available in different sizes, it is important to know how to measure it the right way so that it can be installed and used effectively. In this article, we’ll read on how to measure a storm door the right way.

Measuring a storm door

By adding a storm door to your home you not only protect it but also add a different vibe to it that makes it more attractive too. That is why one should install a storm door with great precision and exact measurements. Listed below are a few of the things that you should do to ensure that you’re indeed going about it the right way:

  • Look for obstruction

While installing a door, the first to look for is the obstructions that you might face on the way. It is important as it might affect the installation of the second door. A few of the obstruction that might come your way are door handle placement, mailbox, exterior lights, doorbell, etc. Since these are too close to the door or are latched upon it (door handles), it is important to know if they’ll cause an issue if a storm door is installed.


Apart from this, if you’ve any kind of arrangement on your porch, you will have to check that the opening and closing of your storm door doesn’t cause an issue with it. A few of such things are pillars, railings, front porch décor, and design elements, etc. If you see that they might be disturbed in any way, its best to take them out. This is also the time to look out the kind of opening you would want for your door, whether inside or outside.

  • Taking correct measurements

This is the next step in measuring a storm door. Use a correct measuring scale for this so that your measurements are accurate. The measurement is done for the height and width of the door. Sometimes, you might get different measurements as the distance from one side may not be the same when measuring from another. So, the best way to measure is to take three different measurements i.e.,

  1. Left, right, and center for height.
  2. Top, bottom, and middle for width.

Now, to measure the door correctly, follow the steps:

  1. Take a measuring tape and place it on top of the bottom threshold and then stretch it to the underside of the header. This is the height of the door.
  2. Repeat the same process while measuring from left side to center and then to the right, by stretching it from the start point to the endpoint. This is the width of the door.
  3. Note it all down for reference.
  • Getting the right storm door

Once you have the right measurements for the storm door, you can select the one that will fit your door right. When it comes to the selection of storm doors, there are various types available in different shapes and sizes. A few of the basic ones that people usually go with are:

  1. Full view storm door

Just like the name suggests, this door helps you in getting the full view outside without any form of obstruction in between. It has a full glass panel, an interchangeable and retractable one at that, so that when you feel like you can easily change the glass screen or simply take it out, as per your own need.

  1. Ventilating storm door

This door aims at providing proper ventilation to the room by channeling a ventilating channel in the form of a screen panel along with two glass panels on the door. The glass can be easily opened and closed to allow proper ventilation to the whole room which isn’t possible in full view storm doors.

  1. Retractable or roll screen storm door

This is kind of a two in one door that features a full glass view that can be pulled up to show a screen behind. This screen is hidden from a normal view and works from a tensioned dowel that is placed at the top of the storm door. This gives the user the benefits of two types of storm doors together at once.

Storm doors are best suited for places that often face severe weather changes so that it helps them keep the dust and bugs away but at the same time provide them a view of the outside world and also proper ventilation. While there are many readymade storm doors too available in the market with different dimensions, constructed by manufacturer’s knowledge of different doors, it is considered best is to have one custom made as there will be no size issues in that case.


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