2020 How Much Do Security Windows Screens Cost?

When it comes to the safety of our houses, we never take second chances. We always try to do our best to ensure that any unwanted guest doesn’t tress pass our property easily. One such way to ensure security is by installing a security screen on windows. These screens provide additional security by not allowing the burglars to break through easily. They even protect the glass shard from breaking into pieces by holding it together.

These screen doors are considered an important investment and different people purchase it for a different purpose. Few purchase it for protection against mosquitoes, which aren’t made of the toughest materials. However, most install it for security against intruders which are mostly made of strong materials. They also add appeal to the normal door of the house and protect the house from UV rays.

What are the different types of security window screens?

Various types of security window screens are used by people:

  • Fiberglass window screen

These are the most common, durable, and cost-effective screens that people usually use. They purchase it depending upon the elements used in the screen and also the climatic situation they are in.

  • Fiberglass retractable window screen

As the name suggests, on certain occasions that you want to remove the screen to let the sunlight or wind come in, this is super handy. One can simply roll them up and when the work is done, roll them back down.

  • Pet screen doors

These are made of a bit heavy-duty material and especially for your furry friends so that they can go in and out of the house with ease while securing the house overall.


So, how much do these security window screens cost?

Since there are different types and lengths of a window in different houses, they cost different. Certain factors influence the price of a security window screen:

  • Screen Size

These screens are custom made as the windows vary from house to house. The larger the opening, the higher price the maker will charge you to make it. It’s best to have it custom made from a branded company so that you can be assured about its durability and the security it provides to the user. These companies install it properly and also give you the best suggestion on which will be perfect for your window.

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  • The material of the screen

The material directly affects the pricing of the screen. A few of the commonly used materials in window screens are aluminum steel mesh, stainless steel mesh, foam core, polycarbonate security shutter, etc. Each of these elements has different properties and therefore is priced differently.

  • Locks

Few security screens allow you to choose a single lock mechanism. These screens are a bit costly than the normal one you would purchase. There’s a single lock as well as a triple lock system. The price for this type of screen also depends upon the size of your window.

  • Style

Even when we want to provide additional security to our houses, we also don’t want to compromise with the style. The type of paint, colors, etc., also contributes to the added cost of the screens. It all depends on what extra do you want from your security window screen in addition to the security that it’ll be providing you.

  • Quality

Anything you purchase which is priced higher has a better quality due to its configuration. The better the protection it’ll provide, the more the users will have to pay to have it with them. However, on the bright side, this installation will provide both additional safety as well as a sense of comfort to the user, so it’ll be worth it in the end.

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