Guardian Patio Door Parts : Must-Read Guide

All of us are very possessive about our belongings. We do our best to ensure that we keep it safe from harm. Our houses are definitely one of the most precious belongings that we own. To keep it safe from forced entry, we ensure to secure it with locks on our doors. However, patio doors also known as sliding glass doors are an easy entry point for burglars and the likes of them and therefore one needs to be extra careful with the locks on these doors.
Patio door guardians should be easy to use and install for the user and yet effective enough to stay and not break easily. Many houses with a pool have such doors and so the safety of their houses becomes extremely important since there is an easy access point to the house. These door guardians should also be childproof so that the child doesn’t wander out on his own when there’s no one around, keeping the parents at ease. These guardians should be built of good material and give the people a sense of security and safety.

Given below, is our buyer’s guide that’ll help you out while deciding on one such door guardian:

Buyer’s Guide:

• Material

The materials with which these guardians are constructed are of utmost importance. They should be rust-resistant and also durable in nature. They should easily work through every season and not break off easily as it is important for the security of the inmates.

• Childproof

Often, toddlers wander their way about the house and can easily go out if no one is around to supervise. These guardians should be childproof in nature so that it’ll ensure the safety of small kids too and keep them inside.

• Ease of use

These guardians shouldn’t be difficult to be used by the owner of the house. They should be able to lock the door and open it with extreme ease but should be inaccessible to people with unauthorized access.

Listed below are a few of patio door locks that one can choose to purchase:

1. Patio Guardian PDG01-W Patio Door Guardian Lock – White

This patio door guardian works both as a security device and also childproofing lock, ultimately providing maximum comfort to the user.



This patio door guardian is easy to install and even easier to use. It works well with vinyl, aluminum, and wood sliding doors. However, to install this, you’ll have to drill holes in your door. It also allows proper ventilation without compromising the security of the inmates. Also, it works perfectly as a security device as it not only keeps the house safe but also childproofs the lock well.

Features and benefits:

• Security device

There’s a need for extra security on patio doors as they are easy to access points for burglars. These guardians on patio doors work as the perfect security device by having a fixed door on the outside and a sliding door on the inside.

• Childproof

By acting as a guardian to the doors, it also ensures to keep the toddlers indoors when there’s no one around. It is especially important in a house with pools as child security becomes of utmost importance in such cases.

• Compatible

This door guardian is perfectly compatible with vinyl, aluminum, and wood sliding doors. The user will just have to drill holes in order to install these guardian and you’ll be good to go.

Key specifications:

• Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 2 inches
• Weight: 9.1 ounces
• Material: Metal and plastic

Advantages and Disadvantages


• Childproof.

• Proper security.
• Easy to use and install.
• Proper ventilation.


• Drilling holes indoor.



This door guardian is the perfect solution to keep burglars away from your patio doors as that is one of the first targets they make. It is also childproof, which adds to the security it provides to its inmates. Also, it is compatible with a fair few types of doors so it can be easily used. So, house especially with pools should definitely purchase this door guardian as it provides utmost security to the inmates and also keeps their kids safe.

2. Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian, White

This patio door guardian from cardinal gates aims at guarding your patio door perfectly and provides security to your house.

Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian, White 


This door guardian from cardinal gates is a great option for home security as well as childproofing. It’s very easy to install on vinyl, aluminum, and wood sliding doors. Also, it resists forced entry thereby assuring the inmates of the house of its trustworthiness. By ensuring proper ventilation, keeps the air inside the house safe without compromising its security.

Features and benefits:

• Easy to install

This door guardian is extremely easy to install. You don’t have to go through a lot of hassle such as drilling the door. It’s easy to use and also resists forced entry inside.

• Compatible

It works well with many doors made of things such as vinyl, aluminum, and even wood sliding doors on the inside. So, you don’t have to get a whole new door when you want to install this guardian on it.

• Ventilation

This door guardian allows the door to stay open up to almost 3” for ventilation purpose, keeping the flow of air inside the house even, without causing any damage to the security inside the house.

• Blends well

One thing that everyone looks for while installing anything in or around their house is how aesthetically pleasing it is. This door guardian blends well with the home’s décor in the meantime, providing security and peace to its inmates.

Key specifications:

• Dimensions: 2 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches
• Weight: 4 ounces

Advantages and Disadvantages


• Resists forced entry.
• Secures home.
• Ventilation.
• Child proofs the lock.


• Drilling holes.


This door guardian from cardinal gates prioritizes the security of the individual over anything else and makes sure to serve you the best of its ability. Not only does it provide for proper ventilation without compromising on security but also is easy to install and child proofs the lock. It works well on different types of doors too. It is very ideal for home security and therefore people with patio doors should definitely purchase it.

To sum it up:

While door locks do keep the house safe, it’s best to be sure by having extra protection in case of patio doors. The door guardian ensures that the door is easy to use for the inmates and extremely difficult to break in for people who aren’t allowed inside the property. It also gives a sense of calm and peace to those with patio doors as those areas as quite easy to break into. A person feels safe and secured by the use of these door guardians on his patio door. From the two options listed above, our suggestion to the users is to go with Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian.


This door guardian not only provides the best home security but also safeguards your child by childproofing the lock, which is one of the many concerns of parents whose house has patio doors. Also, it’s easy to install and use for the inmates and resists any type of forced entry, which is what a perfect door guardian should do. By ensuring proper ventilation even with the door closed, keeps the environment inside the house safe and secure, with no issues with the security. Therefore, this one definitely looks like the perfect choice.


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