Hybrid mattresses are an intermediate between memory foam mattress and gel-infused memory foam mattresses. These type of mattresses are an ideal choice for those who remain confused between foam mattress and gel-infused memory foam mattresses and cannot decide which to buy.

Hybrid mattresses comprise an innerspring system and a memory foam mainly made up of latex which incorporates the benefits of both the technologies.

The main highlights of a hybrid mattress are always two things – contouring comfort and sturdy support. The coils present in both the hybrid mattress and an innerspring mattress are the same. The only difference comes due to the addition of a memory foam layer in the hybrid mattress to provide support and comfort.

The hybrid mattress contains coils which help to retain the bounciness that you experience with an innerspring mattress. Also in addition to this, the presence of the coil system in a hybrid mattress gives the shape of a traditional mattress to it and enhance the look and feel to a great extent without compromising on quality.

Hybrid mattresses are far cheaper than normal memory foam mattress.

The presence of coils in it provides a new level of comfort and user experience.

They have four important components: a base foam layer under the supporting layer of the mattress that results in extra padding as well as stability to the mattress.

The base foam layer is made up of a polyurethane foam material that has an average height of one inch. After that, there is a coil support core ranging from 6 inches to 7 inches that form the majority of the bed’s height. 4

Their presence of a coil design offers much better support and quite a less transfer of motion or vibrations. Then comes a comfort layer which is made up of memory foam or latex material.

The average height of this layer is usually in between 3 inches to 4 inches which might even comprise of gel element or copper element which enhances the cooling capability of the mattress. Apart from this, there are certain hybrid mattresses which include a pillow top layer that is sewn to the top of the comfort layer.

It is mainly sewn in such a way that it looks like a pillow placed on top of the mattress.  The height of this layer varies from one inch to 2 inches. The materials that might be used to make this layer can be latex foam, memory foam, wool, cotton, fiberfill or polyfoam.

There are some other aspects to look for as well while purchasing a memory foam mattress :

  • The first one is the parameter of indentation load deflection. Through this parameter, You can very well measure the firmness of the mattress. A higher value of this parameter means the bed will be more firm and soft and in return, you will experience a higher contour. But on the other hand, a lower value of this parameter means that the bed will be less firm and stiffer. Mattresses which have higher ILD value are best for overweight sleepers and those who like to sleep on their stomach. Mattresses with lower ILD value are best for lighter weight sleepers as well as those who sleep on one particular side and possesses any weight.


  • Another parameter is the gauge which measures how much thick is the pocketed coil in the support layer. A higher value of this parameter means the coils are thinner and vice versa.


  • Another parameter is the coil count which determines the lifespan of the mattress. A lower value of this parameter means the mattress is going to have a short lifespan and less durability and vice versa. The average lifetime of a hybrid mattress is up to 6 years.

Some of the advantages of using a hybrid mattress are :

  • They provide much better contour
  • Provide a far better cool surface for sleeping.
  • they give pretty impressive motion isolation.
  • they can be found in the market in a wide range of firmness levels.

Some of the disadvantages are :

  • Comes quite expensive
  • Has a specific odor.
  • Shorter lifespan
  • quite heavy in terms of weight and difficult to move from one place to the other.

So have a proper insight into hybrid mattresses before you decide to buy one with all your hard earned money in the future.