Commercial Accordion Doors : Reviews

Securing our properties is a priority for us. We need to make sure it is guarded and no unauthorized person can have access to it. Since doors are the entry points, we pay a lot of attention to installing the right kind of door for the purpose. Commercial accordion doors are one of the most commonly used doors in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Not only has it helped in providing good security but also adds to the ambiance of the area and gives it a beatific look.

Commercial accordion doors are of different types and are used according to the need of the place they’ve been installed at such as accordion doors, vinyl accordion doors, accordion folding doors. It also helps in space conservation as it acts as a divider in office spaces.  They are custom made and therefore no chances of it not fitting well. They are eye-catching but don’t compromise on the protection of the area they’ve been installed at. If you’re looking for a good commercial accordion door, here’s our buyer’s guide to help you decide on one.

Buyer’s guide

  • Material

Doors are entry points and therefore should be constructed of strong material. This ensures that it won’t break down easily. The sturdier the door, the better it is for the place. There are different materials such as wood, metal, etc.

  • Security

With the changing times, security has evolved. So, the door you plan to install should be able to accommodate with good security level which usually includes a strong locking system.

  • Insulation

Doors aren’t only for security purposes but also ensure that the room temperature remains perfect by the weather. Especially in winter, it’s important to keep the insides warm. A door that keeps the insulation inside the room properly is usually preferred by the users.

  • Design

A door adds to the ambiance of the place where it has been installed. So, people do prefer to select the one that would match the whole setup.

  1. LTL Home Products WF4880W  

This vinyl laminated MDF accordion door is designed to offer you security as well as create a great ambiance for your place.

LTL Home Products WF4880W Woodshire Interior Accordion Folding Door, 48 x 80 Inches, Walnut


This door is made of Vinyl and has a stronger built which ensures its durability. It has an exclusive pin hinge hardware system that ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance. It is easy to install and is suspended by nylon wheels from an aluminum overhead track and the vinyl seals connected the top of the adjoining panel to the bottom. It is both attractive and strong.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vinyl-laminated

This door has a vinyl finish that makes it attractive and sets the perfect ambiance around. It is also durable which makes the investment in it worthwhile.

  • Pin hinge hardware system

Doors that are smooth to operate are preferred by people and this system exactly helps in that, helping in a lasting performance too.

  • Secured connect

The vinyl seals ensure a secured connection by joining panels from top to bottom. It is suspended by nylon wheels from aluminum overhead.

Key specifications:

Dimensions: 6 x 49.38 x 78.25 inches    

Weight: 38 pounds

Material: Vinyl

Advantages & Disadvantages


• Sturdy.
• Durable.
• Attractive.

  • Costly


This accordion door is a great option for houses. Its attractiveness makes it easily likable. Also, its sturdy and allows smooth operation overall, which only adds to its features. It is heavy duty and maintains the room temperature perfectly well. It can also work as a divider to divide a huge room into two, without compromising with its look. Overall, it is a great purchase.

  1. Spectrum CT3280T Contemporary accordion door 

With this contemporary styled door, decorate and secure your house together.

LTL Home Products CT3280TL Contempra Interior Accordion Folding Door, Sand White


This door has a vertically embossed surface that is embedded with specially blended vinyl. This vinyl is safe and non-leaded. This door is easy to install, durable, and also maintenance fee. Its contemporary styling makes it unique and also adds to its attractiveness.


Features and benefits:       

  • Contemporary style

Adding a bit of style while maintaining security is what this door aims at. Its contemporary style ensures that your house looks beautiful without compromising with the security.

  • Safe non-leaded vinyl

This door has a vertically embossed surface that is embedded with vinyl. It is safe to use as it doesn’t have leaded vinyl formulation.

  • Double and single door

Depending upon the need of the user, it can be installed as either a single or double door. For the double door, he’ll have to use two single doors.

Key specifications: 

Dimensions: 2.8 x 9.06 x 80.12 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

Material: Glass hardboard

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • • Durable.
    • Strong.
    • Safe.
  • Costly


This contemporary style door is all you need to make you indoors safe and attractive. It is easy to install and the required equipment comes along with it. The blended vinyl in which this door is embedded in is safe to use as there’s no lead formulation in there. It is durable, which covers up the disadvantage of its cost. Overall, this is one door that you should purchase.

This door has a vertically embossed surface that is embedded with specially blended vinyl. This vinyl is safe and non-leaded. This door is easy to install, durable, and also maintenance fee. Its contemporary styling makes it unique and also adds to its attractiveness.

  1. Folding Door Commercial Accordion Door  

This is a folding door that is suitable anywhere and gives maximum protection too.

Folding Door Commercial Accordion Doors As Room Divider (32''80, White)


This folding door is safe as there’s no lead component in it. It is waterproof and thus protects from moisture. This allows it to be used anywhere such as living, dinner, bathroom, kitchen, etc., wherever the user wants. It is easy to install and is flexible. It provides smooth operation and can also be used as a partition in a huge room.

Features and benefits:

  •  Versatile

It is easy to be set up as a door in whichever room you deem fit, making its use versatile such as living room, dining room, bathroom, meeting room, kitchen room, hospital, and supermarket.

  • Safe

The materials used in this door have safe materials, no lead component that makes it non-poisonous and safe.

  • Waterproof

The door is waterproof and gets protection from moisture. This makes sure that it can easily last more seasons.

  • Folding design

The folding design of this door makes it flexible and elegant for a living space. It also saves space easily.

Key specifications:

Dimensions: 83.86 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Material: Plastic

Advantages & Disadvantages


• Flexible.
• Elegant.
• Saves space.

  • Costly


This elegant style, no lead component door is safe to use and beautiful to have installed. It provides great protection from moisture and can easily be installed wherever you want to. It is smooth to operate and can be used as a divider too. Overall, this makes for a good purchase.

To sum it up:

Accordion doors aim at not only providing security but style and elegance to the place they’ve been installed. They are made of strong and sturdy material that ensures the security of the place it has been installed at as well as the durability of the product. If you’re looking for a commercial accordion door, our suggestion is to go with LTL Home Products WF4880W.


It adds both attractiveness as well as security to the house it has been installed in. It is strong and durable. It provides smooth operation which makes it easy to use and install. It keeps the room temperature well and doesn’t allow cold or hot air to leave the room. This is a great option for commercial purposes.


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