5 Bestseller Trundle Beds

Beds are some of the most important furniture that you have in your house, and inevitably it is the first furniture you tend to buy while furnishing a home. If they are not comfortable, it will mean that you cannot have a proper night’s rest even after a tiring day. A good quality bed is a key to the good health of a family.

Additionally, the design of the bed has to be smart. Different materials are used in the art of bed making, and they come in varied models. You can get box and divan beds that are a super storage option. You can also get trundle beds that are easy to keep, space economical, sturdy and also a great option for accommodating guests.

What Are Trundle Beds?

A trundle bed is a small bed that that gets fitted underneath the main bed. It can get pulled out from beneath the main bed when you will require quick accommodation for guests. The design of this bed is similar to that of a bigger bed. It has a strong wooden or metal frame and also a mattress. However, the size of this trundle bed frame is always smaller than the original bed as it needs to get fitted underneath the main bed.

The five best trundle beds for you

There are hundreds of options when it comes to buying a trundle bed. But here are the top 5 beds with trundle that you can easily rely on.

1.  Orlando Full Size Trundle Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board

This is a full bed with trundle that offers both style and comfort. You can use this bed to provide a special décor to the room. Additionally, the quality of the mattress and also the built of the bed can ensure that you or your guests do have a perfect nights rest on this bed.

Orlando Full Size Trundle Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board

  • Pros

  • The trundle bed comes with a great design that is sleek and contemporary in its looks. It can add a special spark to the décor of the room

  • Additionally, it provides an eight inches thick mattress that will help you to have a good night’s rest

  • The dimensions of the bed are perfect for a middle sized room, and the room yet again does not look too cluttered

  • The design of the bed is a durable one. The frame is made out of wood, and the bed can be used for a long and continuous duration

  • Assembling and using the bed is also quite easy. Pulling the bed out can be done simply and can be done by kids and also aged people. It gets operated on the dint of roller wheels

  • Cons

  • The mattress of the bed is a thick one, but it is not particularly good for people who have arthritis or a back problem. It could give body aches

2. Coaster Fine Furniture 300107 Mission Style Trundle Bed

This is a design that combines beauty with a utility like never before. Most trundle beds are space economical and can provide you with greater power to accommodate a larger number of sleepers, but this is a bed that also accommodates storage options. This is a wonderful trundle bed with drawers in two rows. Each row has three drawers. So in total, you will get six drawers within the trundle bed that can be used to store different types of things

Coaster Fine Furniture 300107 Mission Style Trundle Bed

  • Pros

  • The trundle bed model comes with a great design. The color and the design of the head stands are beautiful and unique. The design is simple, but when combined with the light color of the bed it gives a soft look to the whole room

  • The mattress is super comfortable and can be used to accommodate an extra person in space economic manner

  • The drawers in this trundle bed are the biggest attraction. These six drawers can be used to store different types of things such as clothes, smaller items, and many other things

  • Assembling and operating the trundle bed is simple and can be done in a hassle-free manner. The trundle bed has a set of roller wheels and can be operated by anybody. Even children and aged people can move and pull out the trundle bed without any problem

  • It is perfect for a middle-sized room. It helps to make the room attractive without making it cringe for space

  • Cons

  • Avoid older adults from using this bed. The mattress might not be comfortable for their back muscles

3.  Atlantic Furniture Newport Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

The Atlantic Newport full-size trundle bed is a model that is a bed, a trundle bed, a storage space and also a small showcase that can be used for keeping and exhibiting books and small showpieces. This trundle bed offers a compact design that can offer sleeping space for another person within the same space occupation

Atlantic Furniture Newport Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

  • Pros

  • The bed offers super simple but stylish and modern design. It can change the very look of the room and can make it look much more interesting and stylish

  • The trundle bed mattress is a thick one and can accommodate a full-grown person in a comfortable manner

  • Additionally, there are drawers on the headstand of the bed. These drawers can be used for keeping the small essentials

  • The twin stands can hold books and small showpieces. This is a great way through which you can increase the show make the bed and also that of the room. There is never a better way to going to sleep after a good read

  • Operating and pulling out the trundle bed is easy and simple. Anybody can do it, and no professional help is required

  • It is compact and sturdy and hence will be rather durable in its design

  • Cons

  • Although the twin stands on the rear part of the bed adds to the show of the bed but cleaning these shelves is an added burden. Also never use the shelves to store glasses of water or edibles as spilling of the contents can lead to a major mess

4. Concord Bed: Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

The Concord king size trundle bed is a great design that combines simplicity with affectivity. The bed is made out of simple but eco-friendly hardwood. The paint finish provides extra protection to the frame of the bed. This compacter furniture is simple in its operations and is also great for the décor of smaller rooms.

Concord Bed Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

  • Pros

  • The design is very simple and can be fitted with any decor. This is one of the best ways through which greater accommodation can be provided in rooms that are cramped for space. In other words, it is good for smaller rooms

  • The frame is made of durable hardwood that is super eco-friendly

  • The bed has an outer white paint finish. The finish is lustrous and shiny and provides added protection to the furniture

  • Assembling the bed is super easy. The trundle bed is facilitated by a roller wheels technique that helps to operate the trundle bed in a simple and hassle-free manner

  • Cons

  • The trundle bed has no storage options

5. DHP the Tokyo Full Size Metal Daybed with Pop-Out Trundle Bed

This is a lovely design of pop up trundle bed. The daybed pops out of the trundle; it is a sleek piece of furniture that is lightweight, simple trendy and stylish in its own right. Since the frame of the bed is made out of metal, it offers greater durability. It offers a space economic design and can also add a different dimension to the room décor

DHP the Tokyo Full Size Metal Daybed with Pop-Out Trundle Bed

  • Pros

  • This trundle bed comes with a unique design. The look of the bed is simple and elegant. It helps to cover all your sudden guests and also gives you the double comfort of a bed and a couch during the daytime

  • The frame is made of metal. This adds to the durability of the furniture. However, the metal is super lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another

  • It has a simple way of assembling and does not need any professional help

  • The trundle bed is fitted with roller wheels and hence can be pulled out with least efforts. Anybody can pull out this trundle bed. You can also ask your kids to do it for you

  • Cons

  • Although the model is sleek and stylish one yet, it does not offer any storage option

Benefits of trundle beds

Trundle beds are hugely popular owing to a variety of reasons.

  • These trundle beds are really spaced economic and can help you use space much better.
  • It can be stored in the same area that is required to store the main bed.
  • Such beds are excellent space saving items for smaller houses where a large number of people need to stay together.
  • They can also be a great option for accommodating sudden guests. These beds can also be shared well by children who are siblings.


These beds are a great way to improve space utilization. They are especially suitable for smaller homes. However, do not use them for long durations for older adults.  There are a large number of options of such trundle beds in the market. One of the best things that you can do is clearly outline all your requirements at the time of buying these beds. For example be clear whether you want added features such as storage or that of showcase or not. This will help you to make a better purchase.